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  • Moisture Resistant Particle Board

    Moisture Resistant Particle Board Advantages 1. Large width, small thickness, low density, beautiful wood grain, smooth surface, light and strong, high strength, simple process. 2. Easy to use,...
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  • Laminated Particle Board Sheets

    Laminated Particle Board Sheets Advantages of laminated particle board sheets 1.High bending strength 2.Strong nail holding 3.Moisture-proof and easy work 4.Tight construction and high strength...
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  • Melamine Panels

    Melamine panels Melamine panels are wood based panels laminated with melamine impregnated papers. It’s manufactured by laminating these wood based panels and impregnated papers under high heat and...
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  • 4x8 Sheet Of Particle Board

    4x8 sheet of particle board All of our particle board options are very high quality. We have many different veneer finishes from various species of trees so it can work with the design for many...
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  • High Density Particle Board

    High Density Particle Board Features 1) High bending strength 2) Little linear expansion coefficient 3) Strong nail screw holding ability 4) Moisture proof and easy work 5) Heat resistant,...
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  • Melamine Faced MDF Sheets

    Melamine Faced MDF Sheets Melamine is made of paper impregnated with melamine glues and pressed together onto a substrate under high heat and pressure to produce a board with surface that is...
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  • Melamine Faced MDF 18 Mm

    Melamine Faced MDF 18 mm Formed by covering an MDF core with a decorative resin-impregnated paper, our 18mm melamine-faced MDF is suitable for use in high quality furniture and interior design...
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  • Pressed Wood Particle Board

    Pressed wood particle board Pressed wood particle board Easy to saw cutting, strong bearing capacity, strong nail-holding power, easily to comprehensive use and professing. Waterproof, fire...
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  • Wood Grain Melamine Plywood

    Wood Grain Melamine Plywood To keep the client satisfied, we traders promise to supply high quality of Wood Grain Plywood. These products are manufactured by using optimum quality wood. All the...
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  • Dark Brown Melamine Plywood

    Dark Brown Melamine Plywood Melamine Plywood has been one of the most recognized and trusted wood products for decades. Manufactured from thin sheets of cross-laminated veneer and bonded under...
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  • Melamine Plywood Board Water Resistant

    Melamine Plywood Board Water Resistant Melamine plywood/board is made of substrate and melamine dipped paper. The biggest advantage is environment-protection, wear-resistance, high-temperature,...
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  • Furniture Plywood

    Furniture Plywood Plywood is made from layered sheets of wood, with the grain pattern perpendicular to the sheet below it to make it resistant to splitting. FAQ
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