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  • Laminated Plywood Sheets

    Are you still confused where to buy high quality plywood sheets, come to us you will get what you want. Our company focus on the production of plywood, film faced plywood, mdf plywood and so on....
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  • Pre Laminated Plywood

    Production details The procedures of how to make plywood 1.Raw material 2.Rotary cutting of veneer 3.Veneer drying 4.Glue spreading 5.Patching 6.Assembly 7.Cold press 8.Base core patching 9.Film...
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  • Laminate Faced Plywood

    Advantages 1.Large width, small thickness, low density, beautiful wood grain, smooth surface, light and strong, high strength, simple process. 2.Easy to use, can be shaped, bend and cut with very...
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  • Film Faced Plywood

    Advantages of ZHIWEN plywood 1.High bending strength 2.Strong nail holding 3.Moisture-proof and easy work 4.Tight construction and high strength 5.No ratten or decay 6.Ultra low formaldehyde...
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  • Melamine Faced Plywood

    Plywood board material Easy to saw cutting, strong bearing capacity, strong nail-holding power, easily to comprehensive use and professing. Waterproof, anticorrosion, fire prevention,...
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