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What Can Be Used As Particleboard Edge Sealing Material
Apr 28, 2018

Other man-made boards may not require edge sealing when used, but particle board cannot, because of the raw materials during production, it must be sealed when it is used. What kind of material can make him finish the edge? Let's find out together.

1. Wood materials: The wood materials used for use should be the most used materials for edge banding, because the processing is relatively simple, and one is to be able to more closely match the edge, of course, there are That is, it can be compared with the use of.

2, Pvc material: This is relatively easy to use, and when used in the style of color is also more selective, so it is also used in the current decoration is more , so it is now the new darling of particleboard edge.

However, not all edge banding materials can be used on the chipboard. For example, a melamine sticker is not suitable because he is too thin and it is relatively easy to break when used. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it for edge banding. .

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