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How To Identify The Water Absorption Of Particle Board
Apr 28, 2018

In the home improvement and furniture manufacturing, the use rate of particleboard is very high. When it is used, it is also expected. The only drawback is that the water absorption is high. If it is unfavorable for use, then how can it be purchased? To distinguish his water absorption? Let's find out together.

1, look at the surface: particleboard veneer can be directly related to the use of the water absorption performance, if his surface is more delicate, or look more smooth, like this kind of plate is often used when it is very The low water absorbency, such as this identification is also comparatively simple and obvious.

2, to see the internal degree of sophistication: such as the material of the plate, if the use of finer wood flour when the deterioration in the use of water absorption is worse, if the internal comparison of wood flour In rough terms, his water absorption is also greatest when used.

When using a purchase, if you want to pick out a particle board that has less water absorption, you need to start with these two aspects.

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