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How To Identify The New Type Of Oriented Particle Board
Apr 28, 2018

The common new type of oriented strand board recently on the market is relatively hot, but because people do not understand him comprehensively, it is inevitable that there are some problems in the selection. How to choose when using it? Let's find out together.

1. Look at the surface of the particle board: The first thing you need to do is to observe whether the surface of the oriented strand board is smooth and smooth. You can touch it and see if it feels smooth. If it is, it is an oriented strand board, because the oriented strand board will be frosted before leaving the factory. , so the surface treatment is in place.

2. Chip shavings on the board: When you are purchasing, check whether there is sawdust in the center of the oriented strand board. Let's look at the length of the sawdust. The wood chips are too long to indicate that the structure of the oriented strand board is loose and must be controlled within 5-10 mm. between.

3, the density of the plate observed: Observing the density of oriented particleboard, we all know that the particle board is from the density, the density is good that fire, there is no problem with moisture, it depends on the density of oriented particleboard, check the density of oriented particleboard is high, is Not easily deformed.

In fact, for the purchase of the plates, no matter what the plates are, they are always inseparable, and those who master the basics will not buy poor plates.

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