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How To Effectively Prevent Cracking Of Particle Board
Apr 28, 2018

When the board is in use, it will face the cracking situation, but this is not incurable. Let's take a look at how to prevent the cracking of the particle board when it is used.

1, increase the indoor humidity: appropriate increase in indoor humidity can effectively prevent particleboard cracking, the common method is to buy a humidifier on the inside, in addition can also be placed in a pot of water or more conducive to indoor moisturizing such as green radish A series of aquatic plants, such as the rich bamboo.

2, the original heat source: If the plate home long time close to the radiator or air conditioning when it, a long time high-temperature baking, easy to lose moisture plate, the occurrence of local dry cracks, deformation and other columns of the situation, so it is in use We must prevent these situations from occurring.

Preventing excessive drying is the best way to prevent cracking of the particle board, but be careful not to be too moist, otherwise deformation will occur.

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