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From The Structural Point Of View, There Are Differences Between Particleboard And Eco-board
Apr 28, 2018

The types of man-made boards are not a dazzling array. The ones that use more are the particle board and the ecological board. What are the differences between the two boards? Let's take a look at the difference in their structure.

1. Particleboard: As its name implies, his main method is to combine shavings into boards. When using them, it is more advantageous. The main material is the wood chipboard produced by the wood, after the adhesive combination. After that, the plates produced after the veneer was pressed and fixed by the combination of the surface plates were not visible from the outside, but the weight was slightly heavier.

Particle board

2. Eco-Board: When used, the eco-board should be the first kind of man-made board that we contact. It is more convenient to use when it is used. The main production method is that the interior uses a comparatively fine plate stitching. The form of the core board, followed by the external use of melamine veneer paper for the wrapping process, so the appearance is also no obvious characteristics.

The difference between the particleboard and the eco-board is not great when viewed from the outside, but if you look at the cut side, you can see clearly at a glance.

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