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Do You Know The Material And Use Of Particleboard?
Apr 28, 2018

The society has not stopped the development of the decoration industry. This is not how the decoration materials have become very popular. The price is the same as a year. In fact, the price is not very expensive. The main thing is to use. Now I will simply explain to everyone. What are the materials and uses of the particle board?

1, material

Particleboard Particles made from wood or other lignocellulosic materials, artificial wood that is glued together under the influence of heat and pressure after adhesive is applied. Also known as particle board.

2, use

As a substrate ----- industrial grade particle board is suitable for veneer substrate, many veneer materials are available. Particleboard density is uniform, thickness tolerance is small, smooth surface is a good veneer substrate.

Kitchen cabinets--usable chipboards for shelves, side panels, back panels, drawers, doors and other components of cabinets. Particleboards have performance and economical advantages. Kitchen cabinets are rated M- -S,M - -2, M --- 3.

Surface ----- Particleboards are dimensionally stable, smooth, smooth, free from knots or voids, have a high impact, are easy-to-face, can be used as a countertop core, and meet the performance standards of ANST A 161.2 veneer counters.

Flooring board ---4 X 8-foot particle board is easy to install, can be used as floor board, (PBU) plus wool floor, this kind of floor is strong, strong, sound effect and impact resistance. Can be installed with a nail or groove ring, then carpet, elastic brick or seamless floor covering.

Housing Pavement ----- Housing Pavement MHD is between 5/8 inch and 13/16 inch thick. It is a square gimbal and is made to a specific length and width. MHD complies with the NST A 208.1 standard and has two levels of D2 and D3.

Stair Stairs ----- is an excellent material for indoor stair treads that does not crack, has a variety of lengths, and minimizes the use of materials with high material waste. Particle board stepping board thickness uniformity, one side of the board is rounded, installation is time-saving and convenient.

Shelf - This is a common usage, providing builders with an economical, flat, easy-to-cut, non-porous smooth surface. Industrial grade applications are based on specific requirements. Particleboard shelves are flat, or edges are square or rounded.

Door cores, lintels and mouldings - Particleboard doors are not as warp as solid wood. Their resistance to noise and heat insulation helps to reduce heat loss and transmission of sound waves. The use of particleboard doors made of PVC or ready for painting is a very affordable option for building a home. Particleboard is also a good substrate for PVC-coated interior molded parts and construction joinery.

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