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Melamine Medium Density Fiberboard

  • Melamine Wood Texture MDF Panel

    M elamine W ood T exture MDF P anel Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) panels are manufactured with a variety of physical properties and dimensions, providing the opportunity to design the end...
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  • Melamine Faced Sheets

    M elamine F aced S heets MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboards which is made from very fine particles or wood fibres, which are denser and stronger than Particle boards. Melamine Faced MDF is...
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  • Melamine Faced Laminated Panel

    M elamine F aced L aminated P anel Medium density fiberboard, or MDF, is a sheet of wood that has been manufactured. MDF has a lower cost than many types of hardwood lumber. It is considered a...
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  • White Melamine Board

    W hite M elamine B oard Melamine Faced Mdf It is a decorative purpose panel which is produced of imprignated paper and mdf board which is pressed under temperature and pressure for a certain...
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  • Black Melamine Board

    B lack M elamine B oard Medium Density Fiberboard Panels (MDF)is wood fibre based panels. The unique feature of MDF is that it has a homogeneous construction without layers. MDF is widely used in...
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