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Why is melamine veneer environmentally friendly?
Jul 04, 2018

Melamine is a kind of high-strength, high-hardness resin. It has almost no volatile harmful components after curing. The melamine veneer is made of high-temperature and high-pressure curing of panel paper impregnated with melamine glue. Therefore, melamine veneer is environmentally friendly.

1.Moisture proof, waterproof

Now particleboard and MDF are the main materials for home cabinets, but because they are not waterproof and not moisture-proof, they are used in cabinets, especially in bathroom kitchens. The paint-free eco-board substrate adopts solid wood multi-layer or blockboard, which just makes up for this market gap and eliminates the worries of consumers.

2. Good nail holding ability, can be assembled and used repeatedly

The paint-free eco-plate substrate is comparable to solid wood, so the paint-free eco-plate itself has a much stronger nail holding force than the particleboard and MDF. In the use of the home, the particleboard and the MDF are difficult to repair once damaged somewhere, especially The office furniture drawer is broken and cannot be repaired, and a part of the furniture made of the paint-free eco-board is damaged, and it can be repaired by yourself.

3. Save money, worry, and cost-effective

Nowadays, the decorative panel of the home decoration is attached to the wood board, and the surface is painted. It is not only costly, but also difficult to meet environmental protection requirements. After the decoration is completed, the interior takes a long time to stay, even because of the particleboard and the MDF. The formaldehyde content is higher than the substrate of the ecological board, and the body continues to suffer from physical harm after the stay.

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