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What is the basic origin of the board?
Jul 05, 2018

First, development

1. The earliest plate is the solid wood board used for woodworking. It is used for making furniture or other living facilities. The definition of today's plates in the development of science and technology is very wide. There are different materials in the furniture manufacturing, construction industry and processing industry.

2. Today, it is usually made of standard rectangular flat rectangular building material panels for wall, ceiling or floor components.

3. Thick blank wood board.

4. Forged, rolled or cast metal sheets.

Second, the type

The plates are: solid wood board, large core board, bamboo board, MDF, veneer, thin core board, finger joint board, melamine board, waterproof board, gypsum board, cement board, paint-free board, baking board, particle board, etc.

Third, the characteristics

1. The sheet product has a flat shape, a large aspect ratio, and a large surface area per unit volume.

2. It can be cut, bent, stamped, welded, and made into various product components. It is flexible and convenient to use.

3. It can be bent and welded into various types of complex sections such as steel, steel pipe, large I-beam, channel steel and other structural parts.

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