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What is MDF
May 10, 2018

Advantages of MDF


1. MDF is an economical choice. It's inexpensive to make so you will pay less for it in the store than for some solid wood pieces.

2. MDF uses recycled wood in its construction, thereby helping to save trees.

3. MDF is easy to paint in many different colours, whereas solid wood has a difficult time taking some colours.

4. A smooth material throughout, MDF does not have knots that can blemish the surface of a piece or make components difficult to attach.

5. The chemicals used in the construction of MDF make it poisonous to pests such as termites.

6. MDF will not expand and contract due to heat and humidity the way solid wood can.

Shaping MDF is easier than shaping solid wood, making it easier to do more elaborate designs.

7. Veneer can easily be attached to MDF to give it the look of genuine wood. 


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