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What are the advantages of melamine panels compared to solid wood panels?
May 11, 2018

Although there are still consumers who are still skeptical about the quality and environmental protection of melamine boards, they still cannot change the high-profile marketing policies of plate production and sales companies, and the mellow plate sales boom brought about by its unparalleled superior performance.

What are the unique advantages of melamine panels compared to solid wood panels? As the price of wood rose, the price of solid wood furniture ushered in another period of climb, which is a big blow to the confidence of the majority of consumers. Therefore, some consumers turn their attention to the panel furniture market with excellent aesthetic value and higher cost performance. The special plywood effect of melamine board makes it have unique texture and ornamental effect, plus the characteristics of melamine board that is better than solid wood, such as wear-resistance, corrosion resistance, non-discoloration, easy cleaning, etc. Degree is also increasing. Melamine plates have not only been used in the manufacture of plate furniture for some popular tables, chairs, and cabinets, but have even become common materials for high-end furniture.

In the use of modern home decoration, compared with solid wood furniture, melamine panel furniture has its own advantages and also become a powerful weapon for seizing the home market. On the other hand, melamine board furniture is also entering the high-end market. It is believed that with its highly-designed fashion appearance, it will be more and more popular among young people.


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