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The difference between particleboard and MDF
May 07, 2018

First, moisture resistance
MDF  is formed by pressing the wood powder and has a good surface flatness.  Therefore, when the surface needs to be lapped and shaped, and the  surface to be pasted is soft (such as stencil blister board), the medium  density board is often used to ensure After the film is covered, the surface is flat. However,  due to the fact that the raw materials are all very fine wood powder,  from the perspective of moisture resistance, if the particle board is  soaked in water, because the wood fiber has long fibers in the particle  board, the structure of the wood is more retained, so the particle board  will not expand when it expands to a certain extent. (8%-10%). Therefore, the comprehensive performance of moisture-proof can be said that the particle board is superior to the density board. Therefore,  European and American furniture kitchen cabinet companies do not have a  more reasonable use of density plates for the box material.

Second, environmental protection
Particle board environmental protection coefficient is much higher than density board. And density boards are mostly used for door panels or styling, and are not really used as cabinets.
Third, hold the nail
The MDF is made of powder and is easily inflated with water. Therefore,  it cannot be used as a cabinet, and because of its poor nail-typing,  under ordinary circumstances, the density plate nails hit the surface  and then pull it out. This way, it cannot be repeated five times, and it  cannot be used anymore. However, the particle board is made of wood chips, pressed into a  plate, has the characteristics of wood, has a certain nail holding  power, under normal circumstances can be repeated about 10 times.
Fourth, pressure resistance
The  middle layer of the particle board is made of long-fiber wood, with  finely-organized wood fibers on both sides and pressed into a board. The molecular structure is tight and the bending strength is high. Because  of its high hardness, strong nail holding ability, and good lateral  load-bearing capacity, particleboard is suitable for connection between  cabinets and laminates. Currently, all cabinet factories in Europe and  America use particleboard, and domestic well-known cabinets also use  particleboard as a cabinet. . The density plate is suitable for door panels due to its relatively uniform density. Some  brands make cabinets full of particle board or density board. This is  unscientific. It can easily be deformed after a long time.

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