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How to use Chipboard
Aug 24, 2018

How to use Chipboard

The material utilized in chipboard is composed of 100% recycled paper and created by pressing down the fibers to form the thicker paper you see today. Since chipboard is also a cost-effective alternative to other manufactured materials, you may want to consider switching to chipboard for a more profitable yet responsible choice.

Let’s see how you, and your end users, can use chipboard mainly in:



Try taking a look around your office today and see where chipboard may exist, your tables, drawers, cabinets etc.


微信图片_20180319103637.jpg2. FURNITURE/HOUSING DESIGN

Chipboard has been instrumental in allowing companies to produce furniture at affordable prices while using high quality particleboard (chipboard). People have found innovative ways to create tables, chairs, or even restructure and decorate their kitchens with the material.

E1 for children bed.jpg

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