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Black Walnut Tree Solid Wood Plate Flat Style Coffee Tin Colored Plate
May 10, 2018


Black walnut is resistant to impact and rub, resistant to decay, easy to dry, less deformation; easy construction, easy to glue. The shrinkage rate is so small that it can be applied to a variety of climates and no cracking or other problems will occur. Other wood is less than black walnut can absorb oil coating.

Black walnut is easy to use hand tools and machining, nails, screws and glue fixed properties, with excellent paint and dye performance, after polishing to get a very good surface. It is slow to dry and requires careful care to avoid drying and aging. Black walnut has good dimensional stability. It has been evaluated as wood with extremely strong heartwood corrosion resistance. Even in a corrosive environment, it is the most durable wood.

Black walnuts are very expensive, and the furniture is usually wood veneer, rarely wood. Shaved veneer is often used for woodwork and advanced classroom furniture in construction projects. Because it is dark tree species and has good flexibility, it is also very suitable for the surface of the table and chairs. The traditional veneer can be used on the piano surface and the interior decorative surface of high-grade cars. One of the very precious California black walnut tree veneer is used for more high-end Mercedes-Benz, BMW cars and other interior decoration or upscale club decoration.

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