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About the color difference of melamine board
May 21, 2018

With regard to the color of those plates, experts have always recommended dividing them into the wood species of the plates. The color of the melamine plates is also the same. Many people do not understand why the difference in the color of the plates is so great. Because ordinary wood species are used, the difference in natural wood color, the quality and color texture of different batches of veneer are not the same, therefore, the melamine plate Color is hard to control.

Melamine sheet, also known as double veneer, is a kind of paint-free board, and some people call it a molding board. Its substrate is also particleboard and medium-density fiberboard, which is formed by bonding the substrate and the surface. There are two types of surface veneers, domestic and imported. Because they are fireproof, anti-wear, and waterproof soaked, they are used. The effect is similar to composite wood flooring.

The color of the general melamine board is divided according to the color of wood, mainly teak, ash, warm white, colorful maple, deep carved ash, apple wood, chicken wing wood, Canadian maple, macro birch oak, washed white Oak, black walnut and other colors and wood species to choose from.

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