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About plywood selection and use
May 08, 2018

   Select the plywood to pay attention to the following points: 1 The splint has the difference between the two sides. When selecting, plywood should have clear wood grain, smooth front surface, no roughness, no smoothness, no pounding, no pounding, no scratches, no scratches, no scratches, no injuries, no defects, etc. 3 Plywood does not have degumming; 4 Some plywood is The two different lines of veneer made of stick together, so the choice should pay attention to the plywood patch joints should be tight, there is no uneven phenomenon; 5 When picking plywood, should pay attention to pick the bulk of the plywood. If the hand pounding plywood parts, the sound is brittle, it proves that the quality is good, if the sound is boring, it means that the splint has appeared loose gel phenomenon; 6 When picking up the glued veneer panel, but also pay attention to the uniform color, consistent texture, and wood color Coordinate with furniture paint color.

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